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I am just a girl living in the same world as everybody else, and this is my blog. Anything else you want to know, just ask :)

Anonymous said: You're a musician right? What's your background?

I am! 
Umm.. I started being fascinated by the piano at about 2 years old, always wanting to sit and push the keys (to my parents annoyance I’m sure), and finally when I was 8 my great uncle told me what middle C was and how the intervals worked. From there, I started teaching myself songs by listening and trying to copy them. Then in high school he gave me his old guitar and I started teaching myself how to play it, and I took classical voice training for a year (NOT my thing at all because I can’t sing, nope nope nope). I played piano for my Catholic School’s Mass days as well as volunteering to direct musicals at an elementary school.
I didn’t plan to pursue music in college. I didn’t even audition because I knew I wasn’t at the same level as all of the kids who had been taking lessons since they were 5 years old, but in my first semester I was randomly put into a “Intro to Keyboard” non-major class. The teacher noticed I had some talent and offered me private lessons in place of the beginner class. She eventually convinced me to pursue the major and gave me a music department scholarship so I could quit my second job to have time for it. It was a huge struggle at first, because she immediately put me in the level 2 music theory to keep me with my classmates even though I had never studied music theory in my life and couldn’t even read music, since I had always played everything by ear. But with the help of tutoring sessions from my friends and a hell of a lot of work, I eventually graduated as a music major with a double emphasis in piano performance and music technology, along with my other major.
I never intended to make a career out of music, and I still don’t, but studying it in college proved to be really beneficial. I even got accepted to a Tier 1 law school thanks entirely to my music degree, which they said “makes you a unique candidate and proves hard-work and dedication.” 

Sorry for the novel, haha. I tried to condense it, but apparently I failed.

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